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З. Kемилева, K. Мирчева, M. Щерева


The effect of thymectomy and hypothyroidism upon the cholesterol level of serum and tissues of the aorta, liver, kidneys and spleen has been traced in white albino rats, separately and combiredly, without resorting to cholesterol charging of the experimental animals. Thymectomization of the rats was carried out on the twentieth day after birth. Inhibition of the thyroid gland function was initiated at the age of one month. At the seventh month the animals were sacrificed and material was obtained, for chemical analysis of the cholesterol content in the serum, aorta, liver, kidney and spleen. The results obtained indicate that thymectomy and drug-induced hypothyroidism equally bring about a reduction of the cholesterol level in the studied organs. The combined effect runs the identical course, with a higher or lower degree of manifestation. In the spleen the combined action merely leads to a substantial increase of the cholesterol content.

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K. Мирчева

M. Щерева

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