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Ст. Димитров, П. Панайотов, Ив. Даскалов, A. Панайотова, Ф. Aтанасова


A rather high antistreptolysin titer (above 250 E) is established in 65.4 per cent out of a total of 130 children investigated during the various phases of the disease, which, followed-up dynamically, was maintained in 42.3 per cent. In some of the rheumatic children (14.8 per cent of the cases reviewed) the titer values of the Waller—Rose reaction were rather elevated (above 1:32). The latex test was negative in all children investigated. Staphylococcus was isolated in more than half of the children with nasopharyngeal flora. The complex antirheumatic therapy applied exerted a weaker effect on the latter as compared to cases with isolated streptococcus. The data presented are of paramount importance insofar future treatment, prophylaxis and sanation of children affected with rheumatism are concerned.

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Ст. Димитров

П. Панайотов

Ив. Даскалов

A. Панайотова

Ф. Aтанасова

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