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Difficulties met by medical students in the course of biophysics: a comparative analysis

Silvia Bontcheva, Georgi Bontchev


The systematical observation on students studying biophysics draws attention on some difficulties, regularly appearing during laboratory exercises. These difficulties could be easily defined as well as split in groups by their origins, which is clearly proven using an appropriate questionnaire technique. Meeting some requirements arisen in last few years, the educational process in biophysical labs undergoes certain rearrangements. Tracking the distribution of main difficulties met in experimental work and analyzing the students` response one can judge the capability of academic work. The aim of this pedagogical research is to find out the main difficulties met by the medical students studying biophysics, to retrieve the origins of these difficulties and, if it possible, to suggest some measures concerning their elimination. Furthermore, the presented pedagogical analysis is focused on answering the question: ‘Which organization of laboratory exercises is most effective?`. Thus, we can achieve a substantial growth in quality of education.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2008; 40(2): 121-123.

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About The Authors

Silvia Bontcheva
Medical University of Varna

Georgi Bontchev
Medical University of Varna

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