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Sociological research of students from Medical University - Varna to determine the level of knowledge and readiness for protection in case of disastrous situations

Hristianna Romanova


The sociological research is carried out by the method of individual inquiry with questionnaire, included 32 questions, with students of Medical University. In connection with presentation of the discipline Medicine of the disastrous situations (catastrophe), it is followed the raise of knowledge and the readiness for protection in case of disasters. Before the beginning of the teaching about Medicine of the disastrous situations the knowledge of the students about the questions connected with damages with radioactive substances chlorine and ammonia, are totally insufficient, especially at the foreign students. The level of the preliminary knowledge about the origin of the epidemics is higher. Better are the knowledge for the right attitude in case of danger of intestinal infectious diseases than the protection of air dropped infections. The preliminary subjective evaluation of the students for the lack of readiness for protection became positive and the self-confidence increase till 88.33% foreign students and 93.33% Bulgarian students.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2008; 40(2): 129-131.

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Hristianna Romanova
Medical University of Varna

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