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З. Нанов, П. Хаджимитев, П. Петров


Data are presented concerning the blood supply and microcirculation sources of the peritoneum parietale in the dog. Portions from the anterior and diaphragmatic peritoneum parietale are investigated in the light of age peculiarities. The proper blood vessels of the peritoneum parietale are situated in two plane networks - a deep one, situated in the deep collagen layer and a superficial one - in the superficial collagen layer. Major arterioles and venules, with 45—55,* calibers, are found running a course parallel to the underlying and overlying tissue elements. Therefrom minor arterioles and venules originate with caliber 30—40,*. They supply precapillaries with caliber ranging from 20 to 30,*. Furthermore, a dense capillary network is observed. A difference is established in the degree of penetration of the capillaries and their remoteness from the free surface of the mesothelium in growing and in adult individuals. Differences are also established characteristic for the various ages, concerning the density of the proper intramural vessels of the peritoneum parietale. The greater density in the growing individuals is explained with the intense growth and greater demands inherent to the growing organism.

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П. Хаджимитев

П. Петров

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