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From bioethics - to nooethics

V. N. Zaporozhan


Bioethics formation should be considered as a logic prolongation of medical ethics history. There are some signs of bioethics transition into qualitatively other level of existence as a science. Thus, it is expedient to differentiate biomedical ethics as a stage of development of medical ethics and bioethics as more extended field of knowledge that makes its task to protect physical, mental and spiritual integrity of man, its genome, protect animal and plant world and environment. In the 20-th century the mankind faced the disastrous consequences of global ecological crisis. This principally new phenomenon raised a question of physical survival, continuation of the human race and development of civilization. From our point of view, it is appropriate to include the notion of "global bioethics" into terminological use (i.e. bioethics in the broad sense). Biomedical ethics and ecoethics should be considered as its constituents. Undoubtedly, modern society is in Noospheric crisis, its destructive consequences are enormous and the outcome is unpredictable. The Noospheric crisis consists in increased chaos, simplification of the system "mankind-nature", and may be characterized as a direct consequence of the thermodynamic law of growing entropy. If the human activity in the Noosphere does not begin to be regulated with new ethic principles, the consequences of modern noospherical crisis may have global and disastrous character. For the maintenance of all living, for all nature and ecosystem on the whole, this new ethics has to become Nooethics, i.e. to become the rules of behavior in the Noosphere, which would promote the global interests of all Noosphere components such as: the Planet, mankind and Biosphere, transformed by it.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2008;40(1):7-12

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V. N. Zaporozhan
Odessa State Medical University of Ukraine

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