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В. Зозиков, Йор. Aршиков, Йор. Василев, И. Матеев


A clinical description is made of Paratyphus B epidemics, which affected 70.3 per cent of the children feeding in the refectory of a school boarding house. In 172 schoolchildren the infection is manifested with clinical phenomena, while 69 prove to be merely infect-carriers. The clinical course of the disease is comparatively slight, with acute onset, no characteristic temperature and combination of gastroenterocolitis and pseudoflu phenomena. According to incidence (in percentage) and type, the basic symptoms observed are arranged in the following order:
1. Clinical: headache - 100, feverish state - 100, muscle pains - 100, abdominal pains - 83, nausea and or vomiting - 68, diarrhea 41, tympanites - 32, hepatomegaly - 39, respiratory catarrhs - 28, splenomegaly - 23, roseola - 16 and bradycardia 13.
2. Laboratory findings: albuminuria —71, positive diazo-reaction (N2)—■ 50 and urobilinogenuria - 39.
In two patients there are clinical and ECG data for myocarditis. Other complications are not noted. Crinical cure was attained rapidly and unevent - fully. Lately, this morbid condition has been somewhat neglected by the physicians. However, it should also be considered in epidemic outbreaks, running a course with „grippe` phenomena.

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Йор. Aршиков

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