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Й. Григоров, зл. Пенев, Д. Цонев


Based on personal observations, the authors draw the conclusion that working conditions in the canning industry exert a favourable effect upon the development of numerous morbid conditions and disorders of the skin. In 21.50 per cent of the total number of ferhale workers surveyed, skin diseases and disorders are found out mostly in relation to the specific work done. Candidiasis of the skin and nails shows the highest incidence 8.40 per cent. Skin macerations represent 4.10 per cent, skin-purulent conditions - 3.80 per cent, microtraumas - 2.80 per cent, the remainder bein of rather low incidence (acrocyanoses, dermatitis, eczemas etc). In candidiasis the skin appears to be most freguentli affected - 71.10 per cent whereas the nails are more rarely involved - 20.90 per cent. Erosio interdigitalis candidamycetica, localized in the three interdigital spaces (webs) is the most frequently met clinical form. Skin suppurations (deep staphylococcia) are the most common cause for lost working ability in this particular type of production.

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