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T. П. Aвлавидов, Г. Kовчазов


A study is carried out of 12237 copro-samples derived from 22 villages and one town in the Varna district. Protozoic cysts are found in 2479 patients. Entamoeba histolytica is not encountered in the district. Lamblio- carriage is found in 12.2 to 11.1 per cent, with the gipsy communities being mostly involved 16.4 per cent. Entomoeba coli is found in 7.6 to 6.8 per cent; the invasion being similarly the strongest among gipsies - 15.2 to 22.4 per cent, next ranking the Turks - 11.5 to 14.4 per cent. Enta moeba coli carriage is increased with aging, from 1.7 per cent for children up to 5 years of age to 11.2 per cent for adults above 16 years. With the lambliocarriage it is contrary - the younger age is affected in 16.9 per cent, whereas the aged 16 and more - up to 3.6 per cent. It is further stated that Lamblia intestinalis under certain conditions could produce clinical manifestations. The rest of the protozoi are not pathogenic, but they may serve to indicate the sanitary-hygienic standard of the population invaded (involved).

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