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Diagnostic modalities for early rectal cancer - review of the literature

Valentin Ignatov, Nikola Kolev, Anton Tonev, Shteryo Shterev, Elitsa Encheva, Aleksandar Zlatarov, Krasimir Ivanov


Rectal carcinoma represents a significant health problem in the modern world. Its high rate of occurrence and mortality in the late stages of the disease stresses the need for better diagnostic, prognostic and predictive methods. We present a review of the literature concerning the staging modalities, including the characteristics of early rectal carcinoma. Endoscopy, endoluminal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging play a major role in the preoperative staging and the restaging of rectal carcinoma. The new devices and technologies improve the diagnostic process thus providing an option for new management strategies and better results.


early rectal carcinoma; diagnostic modalities

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About The Authors

Valentin Ignatov
Medical University of Varna

Nikola Kolev
Medical University of Varna

Anton Tonev
Medical University of Varna

Shteryo Shterev
Medical University of Varna

Elitsa Encheva
Medical University of Varna

Aleksandar Zlatarov
Medical University of Varna

Krasimir Ivanov


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