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Дебелочревна анастомоза в условията на damage control surgery

В. Мутафчийски, И. Tеодосиев, Ц. Луканова, Н. Владов, Г. Попиванов


Treatment of colon injuries under conditions of damage control surgery is topical problem because of high death rate and frequency of complications. In the past, making a stoma was a part of standard therapeutic algorithm. In recent decades, progress of surgery lead to using the approach with primary recovery of gastrointestinal tract in selected patients. In the present report, our experience with treatment of colonic injuries in 8 patients is shown. Two were with colostomia and six were with primary anastomosis. As first stage, isolation or resection of the devitalized segment in eight patients was made. During the next stage reanimation procedures and stabilization of the patients were carried out and the decision for the treatment was made. We presented a literature review and compared our results with foreign authors` ones. Treatment of colon injuries remains a significant challenge for surgeons. The approach of making primary colon anastomosis should be used in the patients with low risk and after detailed selection.


damage control surgery; primary anastomosis; injuries of colon; emergency surgery; colostomy closure after trauma

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