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The tumescent anesthesia - a choice method of anesthesia for endovenous laser treatment of varicosis

A. Angelov, D. Golemanov, A. Anastasov, D. Petkov, V. Petrov


Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) of the stem varicose veins as a kind of thermal process introduced in Bulgaria in January 2007. The procedures started first in Varna, then in another 5 cities. In March 2009, the first treatment with 1470 nm and with radial fibers was also conducted in Varna, six months later in Sofia. Currently five units operate with 980 nm wavelength and bare fibers and two units do with 1470 nm radial fibers. Within these five years (from 22.01.2007 to 01.22.2013) more than 1000 patients have been treated. For all of tem the laser therapy was performed with tumescent anesthesia which was previously cooled to 4° C. After treatment all patients received a medical elastic stocking of the KKL II. The advantages and side effects of this anesthesia are presented. The application of the tumescent anesthesia results in very little complications. The quality of life of treated patients and their ability to work is not changed. The general conclusion is that the cooled tumescent anesthesia can be recognized as an anesthetic of choice for the laser treatment.



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About The Authors

A. Angelov
St. Anna University Hospital of Varna

D. Golemanov
Oxycom Private Medical Center of Burgas

A. Anastasov
Panazeja Private Medical Center of Sofia

D. Petkov
Ivan Rilski Private Hospital of Stara Zagora

V. Petrov
St. Anna University Hospital of Varna

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