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Dimitrov, N., Medical University of Sofia/ Trakia University
Dimitrov, N., Trakia University
Dimitrov, N., Medical University of Sofia
Dimitrov, N., BAS
Dimitrov, N.
Dimitrov, N. (Bulgaria)
Dimitrov, Nikolay, Trakia University of Stara Zagora
Dimitrov, Nikolay, University of Thrace, Stara Zagora
Dimitrov, R., Trakia University
Dimitrov, R.
Dimitrov, S.
Dimitrov, Slav, Medical University of Varna
Dimitrov, Slavcho, Medical university of Varna
Dimitrov, Slavcho
Dimitrov, Todor, UMHAT `Dr. G. Stranski` Ltd. - Pleven
Dimitrov, Tz.
Dimitrov, Z.
Dimitrova, A.
Dimitrova, A., Medical University of Pleven (Bulgaria)
Dimitrova, A., IEMPAM
Dimitrova, Dimana, Medical University of Varna
Dimitrova, Dobromira, Medical University of Varna
Dimitrova, Donka, Department of health management, Health economics and primary care
Dimitrova, Donka, Department of Health Management, Health Economics and Primary Care, Medical University of Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Dimitrova, E.

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