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Technologies for rapid prototyping (RP) - basic concepts, quality issues and modern trends

Roussi Minev, Ekaterin Minev


The paper describes the basics of the 3D printing technologies for rapid prototyping (RP). It shows the benefits of their utilization in product design and manufacturing of conventional parts and items with medical and other application. The most mature RP principles are presented and compared.

Some trends in developing new 3D printers and corresponding materials for micro/nano and biological applications are described.  Some modern budget platforms are suggested for technology users.

The paper also provides a summary of the main quality issues in the layering technologies as well as methodologies for studying the process capabilities, accuracy and maturity.


rapid prototyping, 3D printers, medical devices, prosthetics

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About The Authors

Roussi Minev
Department of Material Science and Technology Ruse University "A. Kanchev"

Dep. Materials Science and Technology

Assoc. Professor, PhD, MSc

Head of the department


Ekaterin Minev
Department of Computer Science Ruse University "A. Kanchev"

Department Computer Science

Ruse University "A.Kanchev"


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