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Analysis of technologies for rapid prototyping of dental constructions

Yavor Sofronov, Nikolay Nikolov, Georgi Todorov


In the following article are presented new technologies for the production of dental implants. Using the best achievements of mechanical engineering, such as CAD / CAM and additive technologies entirely new opportunities for increasing complexity, geometric accuracy, speed and production efficiency of dental products are discovered.


New technologies, Rapid Prototyping, Inkjet, SLM, NC CAM

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About The Authors

Yavor Sofronov
Technical University of Sofia

dept. "Theory of mechanisms and machines", Chief Assistent professor, PhD, Eng.

Nikolay Nikolov
Technical University of Sofia

dept. "Theory of mechanisms and machines", Associated Professor, DSc, PhD, Eng.

Georgi Todorov
Technical University of Sofia

dept. "Technology of mechanical engineering and machine tooling", Professor, PhD, Eng.

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