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Determining the color of the teeth by using dental images with isolation of gingival color

Radostina Vasileva



As a difficult and subjective process, when we determine the color of the teeth, we often use additional methods. One of the methods for color definition when communicating with a technical dental laboratory is the use of photography.


The aim of this study was to compare the color definition using a photo in terms of isolating the gingival color and without isolation of the gingival color. The presence of a background and distracting colors has a serious impact on color determination. Placed under different conditions, the colors are interpreted in a different way. For the needs of dental medicine the accurate color determination is of vital importance. This is particularly true in case of absence of a direct communication between a laboratory and a dental office. The actual color definition is done by a photo.

Materials and Methods

For the purpose of the study, a Shofu Eye Special 2 camera was used, specially created for the dental photography needs. The device had a built-in menu option to isolate the gingiva. The survey methodology included visual color determination of 2 images with a placed coloring (shade master) of Vita.


The results of this study, show a unique advantage when defining the color with gingival color isolation. This happens especially visibly in a closer contact of the color standard with the masked background.


The color definition option by masking the gingival background is highly effective and convenient to determine the color of teeth for the needs of dentistry.


dental images, dental photography, color, isolation of color

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About The Author

Radostina Vasileva
Medical University of Varna

Dental Material Science and Propedeutics of Prosthetic Dental Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine

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