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The challenging paradigm of pharmaceutical care

Ivo Kumanov Kumanov


Pharmaceutical care is designed to aid medical professionals in ensuring optimal patient’s management. The necessity of elaboration and practical implementation of an appropriate philosophy of pharmaceutical practice and its organizational structures was suggested 25 years ago by Charles D. Hepler and Linda M. Strand. They defined the terms of ‘pharmaceutical care’ and ‘pharmaceutical-care system’. Pharmaceutical care provides drug therapy for achieving definite outcomes that improve a patient’s quality of life, namely: cure of a disease; reduction or elimination of symptoms; arresting or slowing of a disease process as well as preventing a disease or symptoms. There is strong evidence of the feasibility and effectiveness of a variety of interventions immediately associated with pharmaceutical care aiming at improving patients’ relationships with master pharmacists in the community and hospital pharmacies. The importance of interactive pharmacy students’ learning for enhancement of their pharmaceutical care competences is emphasized. Hospital pharmacists recommend a broader practical implementation of pharmaceutical care while appreciating the organizational, technical and professional barriers in this respect. Collaborative efforts between health authorities and educational institutions along with the integration of innovative approaches in the management of public and hospital pharmacies and pharmacy education could contribute to overcome these barriers.


pharmaceutical care paradigm; pharmacists; higher education; patients; attitudes; barriers

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Ivo Kumanov Kumanov
Medical university of Varna

Pharmacy Faculty,

Department of Pharmacy science and Pharmacy management

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