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Reaction strategies for synthesis of imidazole derivatives: a review

Sylvia Yordanova Atanasova-Stamova, Svetlana Fotkova Georgieva, Maya Boyanova Georgieva


The development of a methodical directional synthesis of complex organic molecules with the aim of obtaining the physiologically active substance with selective action takes a central position in modern synthetic organic chemistry. Imidazole derivatives are a key component in great many bioactive compounds of both natural and synthetic origin. Мany scientists in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacology have been attracted to them in recent years. This is because of the exceptional chemical properties and biological activities that they demonstrate. It is a big challenge for the scientists to modify and synthesize new imidazole derivatives.


imidazole, synthesis, formamide, microwave

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About The Authors

Sylvia Yordanova Atanasova-Stamova
Medical University of Varna

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Management, Faculty of Pharmacy

Svetlana Fotkova Georgieva
Medical University of Varna

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Management, Faculty of Pharmacy

Maya Boyanova Georgieva
Medical University- Sofia

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy

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