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Rational use of antibiotics

Mariya Nacheva, Magdalena Ninova


INTRODUCTION: Often when people suffer from high fever or viral infections, do not have time for microbio­logical testing and seek quick results, they start self-treatment. Experts warn that errors in the use of antibiot­ics threaten our health, suppress the natural response of the immune system and can have a negative effect on the complex organization of microorganisms that inhabit the human body. Errors by self-reduction of dosage and duration, as well as interruption of the treatment course suggest an improper use of antibiotics.

AIM: The aim of this paper is to study the knowledge of health care professionals from Alexandrovska Univer­sity Hospital on the rational use of antibiotics - their advantages and disadvantages and the main risks of an increase of bacterial resistance.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A survey involving health care professionals at Alexandrovska University Hos­pital was conducted. We used sociological methods of processing and analyzing the results of the question­naires concerning the frequency of the used antibiotics, whether they were consistent with the results of the microbiological tests and if there was a consultation with a microbiologist about the effects of stopping the use of antibiotics.

CONCLUSIONS: Antibiotics should only be used as the only remaining option, not as the first possible drug treatment. Health care professionals who show a high level of knowledge and competence in relation to the right times to use antibiotics may be helpful to their relatives and patients with advice and recommendations regarding the reduction of the risk to their health, the use of probiotics together with the antibiotic therapy and the maintenance of a healthy way of life.


health care professionals, antibiotics, microbiological testing

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Mariya Nacheva
Alexandrovska University Hospital JSC

Central Microbiology Laboratory

Magdalena Ninova
Alexandrovska University Hospital JSC

Central Microbiology Laboratory

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