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The place of health care in social services for people with disabilities

Daniela Konstantinova


INTRODUCTION: Increased demand for services for long-term care for the elderly and disabled people is associated with the aging population in Bulgaria. In the methodologies of offering services attention is paid to the quality of social services and nutrition, whereas health care remains in the background. Consumers surveyed say that the quality of health care is at the first place.

AIM: To investigate the views of the users of social services and their relatives about the place of health care in meeting their needs.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Study of regulatory documents - strategies, laws and methodological guidance related to the provision of social services for the elderly. A survey was prepared for the purpose of the study.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: We need better cooperation and coordination in the delivery of health and social services for the elderly and disabled, as well as an expansion of the circle of professionals providing longterm care for sick elderly people and people with disabilities. Regulation of professional responsibilities, individual specialists having the right to take a personal decision and introduction of missing professional units in our country will lead to better health care.


elderly, social services in the community, health care

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National Social Report of the Republic of Bulgaria for 2013-2014 (adopted by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria on 04.30.2014)

Petrov P. Fundamentals of Geragogics. Sofia: Avangard Prima; 2005.

Methodical guidelines of the specialized institutions for social services and social services in the community in implementing the standards and criteria for health care, 2007



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Daniela Konstantinova
`Angel Kanchev` University of Ruse

Faculty of Public Health and Health Care, 

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