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Role and Place of Health Care Managers in Managing Nurse Turnover

Mariana Dimitrova


INTRODUCTION: An indisputable fact is that the role of the supervisor in managing the turnover is complex and multifaceted. The health care managers need to combine both leadership and management skills to motivate and prevent nurses from leaving.

AIM: The aim of this paper is to examine the relationship between level of satisfaction with supervisors and attitudes towards nurse turnover.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: For the purpose of the empirical research on the attitudes to changing the workplace, a direct individual anonymous survey was held during the months of February to April 2014. The opinion of nurses and health care managers from university hospitals and hospitals in the North region was studied. It amounted to a total of 11 specialized wards and clinics, characterized by intensive workflow.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: The analysis of the empirical research shows that managers who provide an opportunity for autonomy at work, delegate authorities and provide the necessary support in difficult moments retain staff at the workplace. At the same time, the lack of support from the supervisor has a strong impact on their decision to leave. Similar to the current results, authors from similar studies also show that leaders who support and encourage participation not only in routine decisions but also discuss with the staff relevant to the organization management decisions, succeed to retain staff in the organization.

CONCLUSION: The statistically significant results from the correlations are indicators that effective management creates a positive working environment, increases satisfaction, and provides an opportunity to attract and retain highly qualified personnel. This outlines the need for a change in the role, responsibilities and functions of today`s leaders.


turnover, leaders in health care, nursing, management, satisfaction

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Mariana Dimitrova
Medical University of Varna

Department of Nursing Care

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