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Scripta Scientifica Salutis Publicae

Scripta Scientifica Salutis Publicae

Scripta Scientifica Salutis Publicae is an official scientific journal of the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. It is published in English with a double-blind peer-review process. The journal accepts articles in the field of public health. Periodicity - 2 issues annually. Proceedings and abstracts from congresses, symposia and conferences organized by the Medical University of Varna are published as supplements to the journal.

Current Issue

Vol 4 (2018)

Cover and contents PDF


Nutritional status, macro- and micronutrient deficiency in children with neurodevelopmental disorders PDF
Ruzha Zlatanova Pancheva-Dimitrova, Albena Toneva, Miglena Georgieva, Desislava Konstantinova, Stefka Petrova 7-14
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs): risk factors, diagnosis and prevention PDF
Vesselinka Dimitrova Nestorova, Iskra Slavcheva Mircheva 15-21
Halotherapy – benefits and risks PDF
Evgeniya Petrova Vladeva, Liliya Panajotova Ovcharova 22-26
Gas discharge visualization – historical developments, research dynamics and innovative applications PDF
Denitsa Grozdeva, Tsanka Dikova 27-33
SWOT analysis of Eastern Medicine developments in Bulgaria PDF
Desislava Vankova 34-41

Original Articles

Bulgarian physicians and nurses vs. electronic health records as a major issue of e-health PDF
Iskra Slavcheva Mircheva, Martin Mirchev, Veselinka Nestorova 42-50
Quantitative dermatoglyphic study of the finger ridge count in breast carcinoma patients from Northeastеrn Bulgaria PDF
Galina Aleksieva Yaneva, Tsonka Slavova Dimitrova, Djeni Pancheva Cherneva, Nikoleta Dobromirova Ivanova, Neli Aleksandrova Fialkovska, Ivan Hristov Vachkov, Stefan Todorov Sivkov, Dobry Lazarov Ivanov 51-55
Contemporary aspects of the epidemiological surveillance of socially significant tick-borne infections (TBIS) in Varna region PDF
Rumen Petrov Konstantinov, Tsonko Paunov Paunov, Svetla Staneva, Anka Baeva 56-61
Mineral water from spring Px-6 – physico-chemical characteristics and indications for use PDF
Evgeniya Petrova Vladeva 62-67
Organizational, market and juridical consequences of the 2013 reform in voluntary health insurance in Bulgaria PDF
Antoniya Slavcheva Dimova-Yordanova 68-73
Demographic characteristics of children treated under general anesthesia PDF
Radosveta Andreeva 74-76
Is a cooperation between Eastern and Western Medicine possible in Bulgaria? PDF
Paraskeva Mancheva 77-81

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