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Scripta Scientifica Salutis Publicae

Vol 5 (2019): Online First


Wellness syndrome PDF
Evgeniya Petrova Vladeva 38-44

Original Articles

The functioning of the Territorial Expert Medical Commission and rehabilitation of disability - the experts` opinion PDF
Paraskeva Mancheva 7-13
Evaluation of the teeth and jaw deformities in children with special health needs PDF
Radosveta Andreeva 14-18
Endodontic treatment and premature tooth loss in primary dentition. Reasons and distribution PDF
Milena Todorova Georgieva, Radosveta Andreeva 19-24
Assessment of the effectiveness of medical simulators in the practical training of medical students: Preliminary results in MU-Varna PDF
Yanita Chernogorova, Deyan Grancharov, Zhivko Bliznakov 25-31
Distribution of molar incisor hypomineralization in children in Northeast Bulgaria. Severity of the dysplasia and sensitivity of the affected teeth PDF
Milena Todorova Georgieva-Dimitrova 32-37
Patient data and big data. An “ownership” overview through the fundamental principles in biomedical ethics PDF
Martin Mirchev, Albena Kerekovska 45-49

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