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Emotional Self-Confidence of Medical Students in Bulgaria

Boyana Vasileva, Georgi Gaidarov, Lili Goguleva, Desislava Videva, Kristiyana Kolewa


Introduction: Studying medicine is an occupation related to daily physical and mental stress for students. The nature of the training and its duration are factors which can affect the psyche of the student. Clash of expectations and reality can affect emotionally unstable students and this is reflected in their performance and satisfaction. The aim of this study was to answer what the emotional stability of medical students in Bulgaria is and determine whether there is any connection to certain factors of the environment.

Materials and Methods: Data were collected on the basis of the questionnaire method. The survey was conducted anonymously.

Results: The number of participants was 152. The largest factor influencing the confidence of the respondents was the teacher (46.7%), followed by the opinion of colleagues (40.8%) and that of the patients (12.5%). To assess stress before the exam period, during the exam period and the night before the exam, the surveyed used a scale from 1 to 10. Thus, three clear graphics which shows how the stress escalate progressively emerged. The highest number (47.4%) of the participants were influenced only by specific grades at the university, 38.8% are influenced by all of their grades, while 13.8% are not affected by grades at all. Of those surveyed - 33.6% have physicians in their families and a member with a different medical education (7.2%). A quarter of the respondents were influenced by their parents when choosing education. Education-related trouble when sleeping was reported by 24.3% of the students and 19.7% have trouble sleeping not related to it. A certain part of the respondents (28.9%) described themselves as emotionally stable and 8.6% - as emotionally unstable.

Conclusion: The role of the teacher stands in the foreground when it comes to building self-esteem in students. The dependence of the majority of students on grades influences their satisfaction and further development. This shows that the quantitative assessment of a person of art is irrelevant but also harmful to the construction of future doctors.


emotional confidence, medical students, survey


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