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Psycho-Emotional Difficulties for Parents with Their First Child

Lili Goguleva, Boyana Vasileva, Desislava Videva, Georgi Gaidarov, Irena Kostova


Introduction: Caring for children is associated with a number of difficulties for parents. Raising the first child has more influence on the psyche and social life of parents because no one is born ready to be a parent. This study focuses on the psycho-emotional difficulties of parents when caring for their first child. This way, we can mark up some aspects for future research in this little explored area.

Materials and Methods: Data were collected with a questionnaire method among 30 young parents. The survey was conducted anonymously.

Results: The age distribution was as follows: 50% of respondents were aged 19-25,43.3% - 26-30 years old and 6.7% were 31-35 years old. The married respondents at the time of the study were 53.3%. The percentage of children with special needs was 6.7%. Insomnia was declared by 80% of respondents as ¼ of them have been subjected to extreme sleep deprivation. Having a kid had a negative impact on the social life according to 13.3% of the respondents and for 40% the impact was positive. Self-assessment of social activity shows that 1/3 of respondents keep their activity relatively low in all periods,1/3 have a busy social life and for 1/3 – the level of social activity goes from high to low after having a child. Despite this, ¾ of the respondents from the last 1/3 return to their previous lifestyle and ¼ continue with the new less active social life. The share of respondents who did not receive any help from a spouse or a friend was 16.7%. To the question “What is the best age for first child?”,73.3% replied 25-30 years, 20% indicated 19-25 years and 6.7% - 31-35 years.

Conclusion: Having a child, especially when it is for the first time, is a difficult period for young and unprepared parents. New commitments related to time and money, and the emotional commitment to the child impact the psychological state of the parents. Despite the difficulties, the birth of a child in the family is a wonderful event, carrying more joy than burden.


psycho-emotional, difficulties, motherhood, children


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