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Statistical Analysis of Oral Hygiene Habits and Oral Cancer Awareness

Desislava Dokova, Ralitsa Toneva, Daniel Rachev, Desislav Dobrev, Georgi Georgiev


Introduction: Oral hygiene habits are fundamental for the patients’ oral and general condition. Multiple scientific reports state that poor oral hygiene can be the trigger factor for tooth loss, occurrence of oral lesions and even for the development of oral cancer. The aim of the study is to present statistical analysis of oral hygiene habits among people of different age groups as well as their awareness of oral cancer development.

Materials and Methods: A survey involving the completion of a specially designed questionnaire was carried out among the people of the city of Varna, Bulgaria. The questions were selected to give information about the patients’ oral hygiene habits. In addition, the patients who filled out the questionnaire form were invited to undergo a prophylactic examination for oral lesions and oral cancer as a continuation of the survey.

Results: A total of 380 questionnaires were filled out and 35 patients responded to the invitation and attended a prophylactic check-up. The survey provided statistical information about the frequency of the patients’ dental visits, their oral hygiene habits, tooth loss, prosthesis and family history for oral cancer. In 6 of the patients (17%), who went through examination, lesions of doubtful origin were found.

Conclusion: People above the age of 65 appeared to have poorer oral hygiene habits and fewer visits to the dentist than people from other age groups. Patients above 60 years proved to be less aware of the occurrence of oral lesions.


oral hygiene, oral cancer, lesions


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