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Choosing a Partner – Does Male Personality Play a Role in Breast Size Preferences

Boyko Matev, George Stoyanov, Magdalena Bliznakova, Alice Renjilian, Radoslav Spasov


Introduction: The myriad of psychosocial factors that contribute to the process of selecting a mate for either gender in humans, has been subject to numerous studies in the past. However, there is very little evidence on the formation of sexual attraction. The aim of this study is to investigate the correlation between the male psyche and the preferred female breast size in accordance with it.

Materials and Methods: To determine the males’ perception of their own socioeconomic status, a shortened version of the Big Five personality test proposed by Beatrice Rammstedt and Oliver P. John, containing 10 questions, was used. Breast size preference was determined via a standardized graphic, depicting 4 breast sizes (A trough D) on a female body with no additional features such as waist to hip ratio, hair, skin and eye color, which could potentially influence the choice. The questionnaire, along with the image was distributed to males via an anonymous online form.

Results: A total of 65 males filled out the test: mean age 21.67, standard deviation ±2.91, median 21, range 18 (17-35 years of age). The most preferred breast size was C with 53.8% (n=35), the second was B with 35.4% (n=23), the third was D with 7.7% (n=5) and the least preferred one was A with 3.2% (n=2). However, there was no statistically significant data (p<0.05) that suggested a correlation between the preferred breast size in females and the age or personality type in males.

Conclusions: Some studies suggest a correlation between the socioeconomic and behavioral status of males and the preferred breast size in their female partners. This according to some authors is a modified evolutional instinct that has become socially acceptable. However, our study did not manage to establish such correlation based on the male personality and performance.


breast size, socio-economic status, mate selection


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