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Варненски медицински форум (Varna Medical Forum)

Варненски медицински форум (Varna Medical Forum)

Varna Medical Forum is an official scientific journal of the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. It is published in Bulgarian with abstracts in English. The journal accepts articles from all fields of medicine. Periodicity - 2 issues annually. Proceedings and abstracts from congresses, symposia and conferences organized by the Medical University of Varna are published as supplements to the journal.

Current Issue

Vol 8, No 1 (2019): Online First


Pathways of colorectal carcinogenesis PDF
Nedyalka Zgurova, Maria Tzaneva 7-13
Indications and optimal terms for primary hemarthroplasty in hip fractures PDF
Nikolay Kolarov, Ruslan Popstefanov, Ivaylo Mitkovski 14-17
Postoperative behavior and rehabilitation of patients with hip endoprosthesis PDF
Ruslan Popstefanov, Nikolay Kolarov 18-23
Investigation of the DMFT(t) caries index in twins - clinical cases PDF
Dobrinka Damyanova, Meral Halilova 24-28
Erosive tooth wear - epidemiological study on the territory of the city of Varna PDF
Mayya Koleva, Vesela Hristova, Maya Doychinova 29-33
Assessment of the oral health status of twins - clinical cases PDF
Dobrinka Mitkova Damyanova 34-38
Awareness and attitude of the population of the city of Varna to organic foods PDF
Daniela Nikolova-Gelova 39-43
Cardiovascular impairment in patients with thalassemia major – is iron deposition the only factor? Comparative review of two clinical cases PDF
Elena Marinova, Valeriya Kaleva 44-49
Thalassaemia intermedia – the most common complications and treatment PDF
Kristina Petrova, Valeriya Kaleva, Elina Peteva 50-55
Endocrine abnormalities in thalassemia major PDF
Elena Marinova, Radina Dimitrova 56-62
Epileptic seizures in patients with acute stroke PDF
Mihael Tsalta-Mladenov, Vladina Dimitrova, Darina Georgieva, Silva Andonova 63-67
Precision in the provision of rehabilitation care in patients who have suffered a stroke using rapid laboratory testing PDF
Emiliya Petrova Georgieva, Minko Milev 68-72
Study on the risk profile of patients with acute stroke hospitalized in the Second Clinic of Neurology, St. Marina University Hospital PDF
Mihael Emilov Tsalta-Mladenov, Vladina Kirilova Dimitrova, Darina Georgieva, Silva Andonova 73-78
Monitoring of acute stroke patients with suppressed consciousness by using transcranial Doppler sonography PDF
Tihomir Drenski, Silva Andonova 79-83
Implementation of protection measures against falsified medicinal products in the context of public health and ensuring the safety of patient - legal framework PDF
Maria Valkanova 84-88

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