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„Mom, Dad and Me` - An Innovative Web Portal with a Focus on Maternal and Child Health

Ivan Kostov, Ivan Lazarov


Electronic Health Portal is a web-based platform that collects and distributes health information between individuals, medical professionals, pharmacies and others. The portal is a unique elec- tronic solution that unites participants in the health sector through the network and thus enables to effec- tively exchange information in real time. Thus may be used various options to facilitate the citizens, doctors and businesses. A flow of increasing the number of us- ers, using this type of electronic platforms for differ- ent purposes is being watched. The main among them are: e-shopping, online consultations, public access of information about different types of medicines, choice in real time of an adequate specialist, etc. The elec- tronic health portal has as a main purpose to make the health services better and it is a complementary di- vision to the traditional forms of interaction between doctors and patients.


electoronic portal; e-shop; consultaion in real time; huge field of online information

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