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Morphological features of oocytes in patients with low ovarian reserve: study of 72 ivf/ icsi treatment cycles

Gergana Ingilizova, Dobri Ivanov, Emil Kovachev, Ivan Kostov, Stephan Ivanov


The current study presents the results of a retrospective and prospective observation of the morphological features of the oocytes according to the age and the hormonal status in patients with low ovarian reserve.

Materials and methods: The study includes 3038 oocytes, derived from 419 patients involved in an infertility treatment program through in vitro fertilization from February 2011 to February 2014, 72 of them with low ovarian reserve and 347 - with normal.

Results: The patients with low and normal ovarian reserve showed statistically significant difference regarding oocytes morphology. In low responders a moderate statistically significant negative linear dependence between age and oocytes morphology is observed. Our results show a tendency to decrease the percentage of oocytes with normal morphology and increase the percentages of oocytes with abnormalities with decreasing of the anti mullerian hormone (AMH) values and increasing of the basal follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) values.

Conclusion: The morphological features of oocytes in patients with low ovarian reserve get worse obviously after age 35 and values of AMH ≤ 0,2 ng/ ml and FSH > 15 mIU/ml.


намален яйчников резерв, яйцеклетки, качество, морфология, ин витро опложданe, възраст, АМН, FSH.

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