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Awareness of high school students for a healthy way of life - sources and methods

Tsvetelina Tarpomanova, Teodora Staeva, Nurhan Fehim, Ralitsa Ilieva


Having basic knowledge, habits and skills about health is essential for living a healthy life. Basic components, connected with the health of students, are a healthy diet, physical activities, social and psychic health.

The goal of this research is to determine and analyze the level of awareness of healthy living among students from grades eight to eleven.

A total of one hundred and sixty (160) students from four schools, all located in the Varna, have taken part in the research. The research was conducted from February till March 2015. We handed out individual polls, the results of which were processed with mathematical statistic and graphical analyses.

Independently from the discretion, that they are informed (90%), the results show that there are things the students do not know. A big part of them rely on information from friends or the internet, as around half of the students (55%) say that they count on their schools for information about health related questions. The information is mostly given by their form-teacher (68%) and the schools psychologist (56%). Medical specialists and lectors are rarely engaged (26%). A big part of the students say that they find the traditional ways of giving out information very helpful.


healthy lifestyle awareness, information sources

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