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Questionnaire survey about the awareness of dentists on materials used for root-canal filling before apical resection

Tsvetelina Borisova-Papancheva


The aim of our study is to evaluate and analyze the opinion amongst Bulgarian dentists from Varna and Sofia about the materials used for root-canal filling, the methods for root canals cleaning and shaping and monitoring the results after the apical resection.

The results are based on the answers amongst 120 dentists on an individual questionnaire for a period of 60 days. Each questionnaire consists of 6 questions with more than one possible answer. The survey was conducted during scientific and educational events in the city of Varna and Sofia.

The highest percentage (66%) of the respondents perform cold lateral condensation for root-canal filling. Many of the dentists still use zinc-phosphate cement for for root-canal filling before apical resection. The percentage of doctors(57% )  who work with machine files before apical resection is slightly higher than those who work only with hand files (43%). Only 36% of dentists monitor patients after apical resection for more than one year.


apical resection, root-canal filling materials, filing, survey

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