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Rehabilitation of patients with hip joint endoprosthesis

Maya Stefanova Krastanova, Danelina Emilova Vacheva, Anica Hristova Mircheva


Hip joint replacement (endoprosthesis, alloplasty) is one of the most common surgery interventions in orthopedics and traumatology. Rehabilitation is an indispensable part of the funcitional recovery for patients with endoprosthesis. The aim of this study is to track and measure the results of an applied complex rehabilitation program during the early post-surgery period in home setting (13-45 days after surgery) for patients with hip joint alloplasty. Methods and Materials: 152 patients (107 female and 45 male) aged between 22 and 84 with hip joint endoprosthesis due to osteoarthritis or femoral neck fracture participated in the study. The rehabilitation program consists of: kinesitherapy (positional therapy, isometric exercises for gluteal and hip muscles, movement of the artificial hip joint within the allowed volumes, exercises for the shoulder muscles, upper limbs and the healthy lower limb) and ergotherapy (ergonomic home environment adjusted to prevent from falling and complications, increasing the movements and physical activities of the patients and performing the daily activities of life). Locomotion test and DAL test measurements were taken upon discharge from the Orthopedics and Traumatology clinic and upon admittance for treatment at the rehabilitation department, and the results for each patient were stored in a special patient file. Results and Discussion: Ensuring an ergonomic home environment and independent practice of kinesitherapeutic and ergotherapeutic activities (learned during the early rehabilitation period) stimulate the recovery of the patients` self-reliance, significantly improve the psycho-emotional balance and self-respect, and serves as an important basis for the latter stages of rehabilitation. Early rehabilitation for patients with hip joint endoprosthesis shortens the period of functional recovery overall. Key words: endoprosthesis, hip joint, rehabilitation


ендопротеза, тазобедрена става, рехабилитация endoprosthesis, hip joint, rehabilitation

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