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Awareness of dental students on the use of dental photography

Radostina Vassileva, Ivan Denkov


Dental photography is increasingly used in modern dentistry, providing an objective opportunity for clinical research, diagnosis, tracking the healing process, archiving and self-esteem. The development of modern technology produces a growing interest in the application of photography in dental practice and dental training. The aim of this study is to establish awareness of dental students on the use of dental photography. By anonymous questionnaire were studied 197 dental students and dental technicians from second to sixth course, the mean age 23.7 3,7. The results show that over one third of the students are familiar with the method DIGITAL of dental photography, and more than two thirds believe that this method will increase their precision in research, planning and diagnosis of clinical cases and will help to determine the effects of the tooth as translucency, enamel tables, opalescence and texture. Despite the „knowledge` of the method, only 5.10% indicated that digital dental images contain the greatest amount of information, most prefer to combine them with other research methods.


дигитална фотография, студенти, информираност, приложение

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