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Endo-periodontal diseases - Part two - Clinical issues

Maya Doychinova, Mila Kalinova, Mayya Koleva


Еpidemiological studies confirm the fact that endodontic infections and periodontal disease are the etiological cause in 50% of cases of loss of the tooth. In the course of his professional life every dentist faces repeatedly lesions of endodontic and periodontal origin, as well as such with a mixed etiology and clinical manifestation. The optimal treatment plan is a logical consequence of the exact evaluation of the еtiology and the localization of the process. All three factors contribute to the most accurate long-term prognosis concerning the functional and structural capacity of the tooth. The critical analysis of the existing classifications is directly connected with the detailed protocols of clinical and paraclinical evaluation as well as with the treatment approach.


ендо-пародонтални лезии, ендодонтско лечение, направлявана тъканна регенерация, еndo-perio lesions, endodontic therapy, guided tissu regeneration

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