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The profession of dental technician in the modern conditions

Tsanka Dikova, Maksim Simov, Svetlana Angelova, Sonya Toncheva


The aim of the present paper is to analyze the profession of dental technician in the modern conditions and technological development. During the last 30 years the technologies for production of dental constructions underwent fast development, which is expressed in three main directions: digitalization, simulation and implementation of the additive technologies. In dental laboratories all these changes led to: 1. radical change in the profession of dental technician - reduce manual labor in manufacturing of dental construction to a minimum, transition to CAD-CAM production, increase the computer skills and qualification of the dental technicians; 2. radical change in the work and relationships of the team dentist - dental assistant - dental technician; 3. world globalization of the health services in dentistry and „health tourism`, which have positive effect and help to create clinics and dental laboratories with specialists and equipment of high European and global level.


нови технологии, цифровизация и глобализация, дентален лекар - дентален асистент - зъботехник

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