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Medical history among Bulgarian patients with fever of unknown origin and low-grade fever

Magdalena Baymakova, Kamen Plochev, Todor Kundurdjiev, Georgi T. Popov, Raynichka Mihaylova-Garnizova, Valentina Kovaleva


Introduction: The persisting fever of indeterminate genesis is a challenging for the medical society. The aim of this paper was to present the medical history of Bulgarian patients with fever of unknown origin (FUO) and low-grade fever (non-FUO).

Materials and methods: A prospective study of patients with FUO and non-FUO was done at the Department of Infectious Diseases, Military Medical Academy (Sofia, BG) for the period: 1st February 2012 - 1st August 2015. A population of 117 patients were analyzed, 88 - FUO, 29 - non-FUO. The following methods were applied: literature review, a method of comparison and clinical evaluation.

Results: The main historical data which are leading to the final diagnosis in the whole analyzed group were: fatigue, sweats, chills, headache and arthralgia.

Conclusion: The medical history is a basic key in the diagnostic pathway to the final diagnosis in case of fever of undetermined origin. This is the first step in the diagnostic algorithm.


fever of unknown origin; low-grade fever; medical history

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