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Distribution and prevention of periodontal diseases in children

Teodora Targova, Sirma Angelova, Dimitrichka Bliznakova


Periodontal diseases are widely spread all over the world. According to the World Health Organization these are considered to be gingival inflammation or inflammatory diseases with impact upon the whole periodontal complex. Periodontal disorders affect between 50% and 90% of children and at least 85-90% of adults all over the world. It has been established that 95-96 % of people in our country aged between 25 and 45 years are suffering from disorders of gums and periodontal complex. Periodontal diseases are considered to be among the most complicated issues of dental medicine science based on their definite traits- wide distribution, high degree of labor-consumption and low efficiency of treatment on stage of progression of the disease. In spite of significant achievements regarding elaboration of new methods for diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment, the frequency and intensity of periodontal diseases remain at a high rate. In the context of this study we have made an attempt at investigating specifics of periodontal disorders in children with some common diseases. We have estimated an early initiation of periodontal inflammatory diseases related to some systemic disorders. This co-relation can be useful for pediatric specialists, pediatric dentistry specialists and periodontal specialists in treatment procedures addressed to children. We have to accentuate that all the authors pay attention to the necessity of simultaneously performed prophylaxis of both of the oral diseases- tooth decay and periodontal disorders. It is essential to concentrate our efforts towards prophylactic approaches and their application and implementation for restriction of gingival inflammation and periodontal destruction. The aim is to maintain proper oral health, not to allow periodontal tissues to pay role of harmful factors and foci of infection by systemic disorders.


Key words: children, gingivitis, eruptive gingivitis, prevention.

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