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Diagnostic value of fine needle aspiration biopsy of space-occupying soft tissue lesions in the head and neck region

Karen Dzhabalyan, Tihomir Georgiev, Nedyalka Zgurova, Hristian Kanazirev, Nevena Karadzhova, Maya Doychinova, Ivan Krasnaliev, Tsvetan Tonchev


Soft tissue pathology in the head and neck region includes benign and malignant tumors, cystic lesions, inflammatory conditions. Fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) is easy to perform and minimally invasive diagnostic procedure, especially in combination with diagnostic imaging. The present study represents 69 cases of FNAB obtained from space-occupying soft tissue lesions in the head and neck. Excisional biopsy confirmed the high diagnostic value. FNAB showed high sensitivity - 100%, specificity - 88.52% and diagnostic accuracy - 89.96%.

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