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Application of dental amalgam and composites in patients with gastrointestinal diseases

Vladimir Panov


Dental amalgam is a relatively inexpensive material, which does not require great precision during its use and can be placed quickly and easily. Composites are more expensive and require more precision and time in their application.

The results of our study on the use of major groups of filling material show a similar frequency of use of amalgam and composites in the control group and the group with gastro- enterological diseases (45% amalgam versus 75% composites). Our data show a large difference in the material applied for the treatment of patients with chronic liver diseases, such as greater frequency of use of amalgam compared to composite restorations (47% vs. 40%). Very rarely patients with hepatic impairment have composites applied to the recovery of the defects of hard dental tissues (40% in hepatitis vs. 75% in those with gastrointestinal and without common diseases).

Little attention is paid to the oral health of patients with chronic liver diseases. Neglected is the use of advanced materials to restore the defects of hard dental tissues. Both patients and dentists prefer cheaper and faster treatment for patients with liver diseases and avoid the use of more expensive materials which require high precision.


dental amalgam, composites, gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases

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