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Opportunities for limitation of corruption practices in the Healthcare sector

Jordan Deliversky


Limiting corruption in all sectors of public life is a basic national policy. In Healthcare sector, the main focus is on the need to extend and strengthen adequate measures to limit corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, the production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and overall drug policy.

The system of providing healthcare services in the country does not give sufficient priority to investments in primary care and is unable to cope with the adequate funding of a number of non-communicable diseases. The rapid increase in healthcare spendings is done without visible improvements in industry performance and on behalf of the equality of population.

Usually bribery is associated with unauthorized payment or providing a gift from patient, in order to receive healthcare at the appropriate quality, which is to be offered to him as part of the health insurance coverage. Opportunities to limit corruption in the Healthcare sector comes down to a change in the attitude of society towards the act of offering and accepting illegal payments for activities that are clearly regulated and owed to health insured patients. It is a long and complicated process, but only this way the system is able to overcome the difficulties faced by it and begin to function adequately putting the patient's personality in the focus of implemented activities.


Здравеопазване, корупция, лечебни заведения, медицински специалисти, плащания

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