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The pricing of clinical pathways as a precondition for the creation of corrupt practices at central level in healthcare

Jordan Deliversky


This article discusses the way of pricing clinical pathways as a precondition for the creation of corruption practices at central level in healthcare.

Among the directly exposed corruption entities in the healthcare system are Contracting Parties to the National Framework Agreement (NFA).

Relationships of "petty" corruption in the healthcare system do not affect substantially the economy, but have significant negative psychological impact, negatively affecting the relationship between doctor and patient.

The kind of "big" corruption is most often associated with the presence of corruption practices mostly at central level in the healthcare system. In "big" corruption groups of people involved in the negotiation of various types, values and volume of medical services through which significant negative effects on the economy could be caused.

As of segnificant importance for achieving effective results in fight against corruption at central level in the healthcare system is the coordinated action of all competent authorities andinstitutions in the country, the political will and clear rules and standards related to the management of financial resources in the healthcare system.


Здравеопазване; корупция; клинични пътеки; договарящи се страни

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