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Dental amalgam - clinicо-epidemiological aspects

Vladimir Panov, Martina Markova, Georgi Georgiev, Zhenya Vicheva


Silver dental amalgam is considered the most important material in restorative dentistry. When used according to indications, the durability of amalgam fillings can be very long. Acceptable durability of these fillings can be obtained even under difficult operating conditions. The level of mercury in the body of patients with amalgam restorations is much lower than the levels associated with adverse health effects. The problem is that all the amalgams contain mercury and are unsightly. Many predictions have indicated that this material will not be used in the late twentieth century. Our survey found that half of the 261 participants (49%) have restorations made of this material, more often it is applied in older patients, especially in the group of over 61 year-olds. About 70% of studied patients do not mind to have a new restoration of amalgam put in their oral cavities.

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