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Awareness and attitude to participate in screening tests of the population of Varna

Valentina Stoykova, Anna Vasileva, Katya Genova


Participation in screening tests and programs gives chance for early diagnosis of diseases and a better prognosis for full recovery, which is especially important in oncological diseases that have high economic and social reflection. Responsibility for their own health is a manifestation of human dignity. Objective: The aim of the study is to investigate the awareness of screening tests and the attitude of the population to participate in them. Materials and methods: Sociological and statistical methods have been used. The survey was conducted during the month of February 2016 in the city of Varna. Through direct anonymous questionnaire were investigated 50 people from the town of Varna, from different age groups and educational level. The data were processed with statistical program SPSS v.17.0. Results and discussion: The results show that 58% of respondents are aware of screening tests here. The majority (44.90%) have participated in various screening tests. The main source of information on screening tests is GP (42.90%) as disturbing fact is the lack of information in 59.10% of the respondents. The major part of respondents (77.30%) prefer to gather the necessary additional information from the GP, regardless of who was the primary source of their information. Leading motives for participation in screening are the presence of a health problem (48.90%) and family predisposition (30.60%). However, a small percentage of respondents 1/5, are not yet convinced of the benefits of screening and therefore say they will not participate in it.

Conclusion: Inadequate knowledge of the ongoing screening in Bulgaria requires increased awareness and the formation of habits in the population in the fight against a number of socially significant diseases.


screening, screning test, awareness, attitude

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