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The opportunities of kinesitherapy to keep elderly people independent

Birshen Mehmedova, Sirma Dicheva, Krasimira Yordanova-Nestorova, Anita Atanasova, Mariana Mihaylova, Silvia Filkova


The opportunities of kinesitherapy to keep elderly people independent Recent social and demographic studies show considerable changes in the age structure of the population of our country. The percentage of the grown-up and elderly people is significantly increasing. Most important from health point of view is the high morbidity and pathology domination mostly of degenerative type, which necessitates diversity of health services and social care with the aim to improve quality of life. As the age goes on, chronic motive changes pile up and people need more and more support to keep adequate their motive activity.

Aim: To study and analyze the opportunities of the active kinesitherapy and the rehabilitation therapist role in helping elderly people stay independent.

Conclusion: it is essential for elderly people to maintain their abilities for doing the basic everyday activities like feeding, hygiene, getting dressed, moving, shopping. The kinesitherapy can contribute for bigger self-dependence and independence of the elderly.


grown-ups and elderly people, chronic diseases, physical activity

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