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The personal approach in rehabilitation care - a necessary condition for improving the quality of life in patients with stroke

Nikolay Nedev


Rehabilitative care after stroke could last months and years. This period of treatment often exceeds all established frameworks concerning organized provision of rehabilitation. Of particular importance for the duration of rehabilitation management motor deficits and psychiatric disorders available in a considerable part of this vulnerable group. Still no consensus on how best to help survivors of stroke patients, using all available resources. The search for an answer continues to provoke professionals in search of the `golden` model for the timely provision of the needs of this population.

A different approach to this process is counseling the patient and their family and the preparation of the rehabilitation plan with them. Such personal approach implies more engaged participation of the patient in the implementation of the rehabilitation program. In this sense, improving the quality of life in this vulnerable group in society is of particular importance in the context of their early social inclusion and reintegration.


rehabilitation, quality of life, stroke

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