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Environmental risks of chemical contamination in marine waters

Mariya Panteleeva, Hristianna Romanova, Nikolina Radeva


Recently, environmental risks to water in port areas increased a lot. Human activity in port areas and especially water pollution from ships, including oil spills and oil products, waste disposal, cleaning of ships and the use or transport of toxic chemicals become a major problem.

We set a goal to investigate key environmental risks to waters of Varna Black Sea aquatory. Historical and documentary methods and methods of analysis and generalization of data are used. Accidents, emergency plans and other documents assessing the risk of marine pollution in emergency situations are taken into consideration for the period 1970 to 2014.

The main sources of pollution of the Varna Black Sea aquatory are anthropogenic activities related to ports and ships. The number of accidents with a spill of oil and oil products since 2000 is reducing worldwide, as well as in the Black Sea. The effect of oil spills and oil products on the biosphere is negative.

It is necessary to comply with the conventions and international agreements for protecting the sea water quality.


oil, oil spills, chemical pollution, marine ecological disaster

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