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Basic methods for detecting pollution in marine waters

Nikolina Radeva, Hristianna Romanova, Mariya Panteleeva


Anthropogenic pollution of the marine areas during the last years continuously increased to the extent of ecological catastrophes. The aim is to present the main methods for detecting marine pollution. A systematic review of the publications on the problem in the last years has been made.

The study of the literature established that by remote aerospace methods and tools chemical, mechanical, biological and radioactive contamination of the water areas can be tested. Most of the chemical contaminants are oil and oil products spills. Passive and active methods to detect oil pollution are used. Passive methods are based on radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum: gamma - radiation to radio range, including in the areas of ultraviolet (UV), violet (B) and infrared (IR). Active methods aimed at measuring and registration of the reflected laser radiation. Mechanical marine pollution is registered by the turbidity of the water. This is best registered in color photographs.

For biological contamination is most important remote monitoring of photosynthetic organisms. Conclusion: The methods for detecting marine pollution depend on his character as the accuracy varies.


marine pollution, water eco catastrophes

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