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Quality of drinking water in the Black Sea coast Dobrich

Daniel Monov, Nadezhda Stefanova, Teodora Dimitrova, Snezana Marazovа, Diana Radkova, Genoveva Ragyovska


Introduction: In 2008 the Law on Protection of public interest on the Black Sea Coast came into force. For the first time with statutable restrictions a separate legal status is introduced for the sensitive area of the coastal strip. The beach boundary between the sea and the coast is a strip - exceedingly state property. Therefore marine waters and territorial sea, as well as beaches and land part are subject to health control of RHI (Regional Health Inspections).

Objective: Prioritizing activities in the maritime sector in Dobrich to minimize the health risks for the population.

Aim: Study of the nature- geographic features of the Black Sea coast of Dobrich and characterization of the quality of marine waters - Balchik, Albena, Kranevo, Kavarna, Rusalka, Shabla, Durankulak.

Materials and methods: Monitoring of bathing waters is made under the indicators included in Ordinance № 5 quality management of bathing water (SG, issue 53 / 2008): BS EN ISO7899-1 for „intestinal enterococci` and BS EN ISO 9308-3 for „E.coli` Observed are the requirements for minimum frequency sampling, samples are taken from the designated with geographical coordinates points. GPS is used for their exact determination.

Results: The characteristics of points for sampling from № 1 to № 20 2008-2013 are analyzed by: geografic location,terrain, bathing area, access to the area, characteristic of the bottom, middle depth, attendance, pollution, water sports practice, sea water temperature, rainfall, point sources of pollution.

Investigated are three Black Sea municipalities: Shabla, Durankulak and Balchik. Taken and analyzed are 880 sea samples for a 6-year / 2008-2013 / period from 20 bathing areas each with one point for sampling of sea water .Non-standard samples of sea waters are found from an average 17.04%, at a highest relative percentage of 32.14% for 2011 and 31.69% for 2009. After that it has declined rapidly to 0.70% for 2012 and 4.92% for 2013.

Conclusions: Deviations from health norms by indicator „Escherichia col` are found in almost all points in the period 2008 to 2011, and in the last two years/ 2012-2013/ separate deviations are found in 6 points: Durankulak North 2 over year 2013, Bozhurets-Topolain 2013, in Albena 2013, Balchik Palace 2012 and 2013, Balchik -New beach in 2013 and Robinsonin 2013.


sea, Black sea coast, quality, non-standard

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