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Manage epidemiological risk for HIV infection in the maritime transport and shipments

Miglena Kolarova, Rumen Konstantinov, Anna Kircheva, Tsonko Paunov, Svetla Staneva, Eliyana Ivanova


AIDS is a disease which is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus - HIV. Today HIV / AIDS is a global health, social and economic problem and a cause of high mortality. There are three main ways of HIV transmission: sexual transmission; blood and vertical. Lead is sexually transmitted - 87 percent in various forms of sexual intercourse without a condom. In particular, the use of services of prostitutes and nonuse of condom. Traveling abroad (mobile population) as economic migrants, on the occasion of trips, work, business trip, vacation is a vulnerable group for HIV / AIDS. Analyzing the spread of HIV / AIDS in the world and the country - 45% of new HIV infections occur in African Americans, 35% of whites and 17% for Hispanics. (10) our geographical location, the development of tourism, our status as a port city and describing the epidemiological risk for HIV among sailors and travelers have the need to study the epidemiology of HIV / AIDS in terms of shipping and transportation.


AIDS, Sea epidemiology, AIDS epidemiological risk, shipping and transportation

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